Sapara Gamuwa Maha Saman Devalaya Ratnapura – Sabara

The Saintly life of God Sumana Saman

Inspired by the Lord Buddhas doctrine, following the Lord Buddhas Dhamma, listening to his holy preachings Saman attained the higher state of Ariya. Later After his demise Saman become a symbol of worship and was acclaimed as God Sumana Saman.
His saintly appearance remained a symbol of peace and Compassion. God Sumana Saman was also Connected with non Violence and tranqnitity. He is shown in statues holding a lotus bloom depicting calm peace and serenity.
The statue of God Sumana Saman with a Lotus in hand in the Makara Pandal in Shanti Mandapaya at Saman Devalaya is a brilliant example of God Sumana Saman’s is godliness. readmore

Is it Sabara-gamuwa or Sapara-gamuwa

Densely covered with myth and worship Sabaragamuwa is hailed as the Adobe of God Saman mixed with archeology and history it may remain an interesting dialog among diverse groups of interested persons.
If ‘Sapara’ is the Sinhala term for gems and Saparagamuwa is named ‘Land of Gems’ it might be a useful clue to study.
Stanzas in the poems of ‘Saman Siritha’ written during the Kotte period refers to a procession carrying the sacred statue of God Saman passing Galkada Village in Ratnapura on its way to Sapara-gamuwa. This would be the present Devalegawa Village where the Saman Devalaya is situated.

Statues and portraits of God Saman

God Saman statues and portraits can be seen in the temples of Sabaragamuwa, Anuradhapura, Kandy, Matale, Kurunegala, Colombo and in the temples in the southern province, and also in foreign countries. This God is depicted with a glamorous physique of white color, a lotus flower in one hand, jeweled crown, claded in gold and jeweled cloths.

Mahabamba Kolama (Masquerade)

This is a traditional item which is carried at the head of the Saman Davala procession. This was introduced during the reign of King Rajasingha (1508-1592 AD). There was one family in Colombugama who created this structure.


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